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Corporate Integrity
Not Valid For CME Credit After December 31, 2019


Jeffrey Durham, VP Audit Services & Corporate Responsibility – BayCare Health Systems

  Objectives: Discuss Stark and Compliance Regulations.

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Question 1       What is the length of time Morton Plant Mease's Corporate Integrity Agreement lasts?
      A      1 year
      B      3 years
      C      5 years
      D      7 years
Question 2       Who is the Compliance Officer (CRO) for Morton Plant Mease?
      A      Glenn Waters
      B      Jeff Durham
      C      Kris Hoce
      D      Carl Tremonti
Question 3       Which federal agency investigates potential HIPAA violations?
      A      Office of Inspector General (OIG)
      B      Department of Justice (DOJ)
      C      Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
      D      Office for Civil Rights (OCR)
Question 4       Which is not a required element of a valid order?
      A      Signed
      B      Dated
      C      Initialed
      D      Timed
Question 5       What is the primary enforcement tool used to prosecute fraudulent billings to the government?
      A      Anti-Kickback Statute
      B      Civil Monetary Penalties
      C      False Claims Act
      D      Stark Law
Question 6       What length of time do providers have to return identified overpayments to the government?
      A      30 days
      B      60 days
      C      6 months
      D      1 year

Please note that at least 4 questions must be answered correctly to get credit